LH-2-165 UV Conveyor


Industry-leading special design lampshade, can adjust bulb height, the focal length, and meet customer needs ▲Astigmatic type ▲Concentrating type ▲External controller ▲Electric light appliance ▲Wavelength map

LIHSI’s New website opening


LIHSI have moved to the new factory in July 2018


立璽科技已搬遷至 新北市中和區建一路249號3樓 ,全新的空間與裝潢,為的就是讓前來的客戶能有最好的感受,也讓同仁們有更多空間可以利用!

Opening of the official social media

我們架設好FB、YOUTUBE與LINE的官方帳號囉! 想得知第一手消息嗎,記得按讚訂閱我們哦~ 官方平台連結: Facebook、Youtube、Line

Conformal Coating Adhesive

Circuit board insulation protection adhesive is applied to flexible circuit boards. In addition to the role of protection, it also has the effect of insulation, moisture and dust. Vehicle parts, solar energy, LED street lights, ships, electronic scales, GPS, anti-theft devices, industrial computers and outdoor products can be applied. It can penetrate into small gaps […]