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主打點膠系列產品 - LICO

New series – LICO

LICO is LIHSI latest high-end technology products; take the glue dispensing technology to a higher level. Among them, there is a main fixture, placed at random LICO-SMARTEYE and LICO-PIEZO piezoelectric valve with the speed, precision, non-contact.


Automated Dispensing Robots

Desktop 3/4/5 axis platform
Various paths and parameters can be taught according to product requirements to make the production process more stable, increase production capacity, and reduce material waste and labor costs.
And customized services to meet a variety of needs and integration with other applications, such as lock screws, scissors feet.

3-Axis Automated Glue Dispensing Robot
4-Axis Automated Glue Dispensing Robot
5-Axis Automated Glue Dispensing Robot
Gantry Automated Glue
Dispensing Robot

A variety of automatic control components, such as pneumatic cylinders, jaws, vacuum nozzles, etc., can be added to meet different types of production requirements.

Conveyor belt integrated Automated Glue
Dispensing Robot

Industry suitable for all types of dispensing needs. Commonly used UV glue, Silicon, EPOXY, red plastic, silver plastic, A.B plastic, COB black plastic, conductive adhesive, heat-dissipating aluminum paste, instant glue, etc., can be used on the equipment.

High Quality Adhesives

According to customer needs, we can provide suitable glue and separate defoaming service.


We have a wealth of OEM experience to make the best customer needs

Dedicated Resin for art

The artistic materials that can let creators exert their heart's content. Blending a variety of colors and swaying to outline the lines of the gathering image. And combined with different materials to create a unique beauty

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Epoxy Resin Adhesive

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Epoxy resin, also known as AB glue
It is made of special denaturing synthetic resin. It can be used by mixing the main agent and the hardener in the equal ratio (weight ratio). With high structural strength and high insulation properties, it can be used for bonding, casting, modeling, impregnation, and coating. Curing time depends on the different categories of products, generally used more often cured 5 minutes, 30 minutes curing, cured 4 hours.

Epoxy Adhesive
Epoxy resin has excellent adhesion, reactivity, chemical resistance, heat resistance, toughness etc…
1. Electronic Industry – packaging electronic components, printed circuit boards of laminates. (Part of the insulating, filling, impregnating, coating and other purposes)
2. Architectural aspects – paint factory with a protective paint, floor paint, and anti-rust paint for pipelines.
3. Structural and general purpose adhesives.
4. Mold, prototype molding

Single dosage form: It requires heat to harden and is suitable for all types of transformers.
Next type: Moderate viscosity suitable for insulation of various electronic parts.
Perfusion type: Low viscosity, good fluidity, suitable for electronic components perfusion confidential waterproof.

Single Liquid EPOXY

Product Name Appearance Remarks
LH-526BK Black Micro-sag EPOXY Medium and low temperature curing, tire pressure detector
LH-529BK Black Anti-sag EPOXY Medium and low temperature curing # COB IC package
LH-510BK Black Low viscosity EPOXY high temperature curing # COB IC package
LH-511BK Black Non-sag EPOXY high temperature curing # COB IC package
LH-3210BK Black Low viscosity single liquid EPOXY high temperature curing, underfill adhesive

Double Liquid EPOXY

Product Name Appearance Remarks
LH-906 (1:1) Transparent 5 minutes quick-drying type AB adhesive
LH-133/507 (2:1) Black 30 minutes quick-drying type AB adhesive
E-532-1AB(2:1) Black 15 minutes quick-drying type AB adhesive
E-532-1AB(100:15) Black UL infusion adhesive, can be allowed to stand, bake and cure, low viscosity after mixing
E-536 (100:30) Black UL pouring adhesive high tg exclusive supplies

No UL perfusion EPOXY material (hard)

Product Name Appearance Remarks
L-986/H-986(4:1) Black Good weather resistance, dry surface, Suitable for perfusion and fixation
L-965/H-965(2:1) Black Low viscosity, good operation, good weather resistance, dry surface, suitable for perfusion and fixation
L-999/H-999(4:1) Black Low cost perfusion (easy to precipitate)

Sticker EPOXY with (soft)

Product Name Appearance Remarks
L-640/H-640(4:1) Transparent Soft material sticker (quick-drying)
L-660/H-660(3:1) Transparent Medium softness, yellowing resistance, can be used for web printing
L-666/H-666(3:1) Transparent Low viscosity, special soft, used for stickers
L-665/H-665(3:1)(4:1) Transparent Low viscosity, softness can be fine-tuned
L-668/H-668(3:1) Transparent Good resistance to yellowing, suitable for cover perfusion (transparent)

Sticker EPOXY with (hard)

Product Name Appearance Remarks
L-601/H-601 (3:1) Transparent Low viscosity, high transparency is used for surface coating
L-606/H-606 (3:1) Transparent Yellowing resistance, high transparent perfusion coating
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