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主打點膠系列產品 - LICO

New series – LICO

LICO is LIHSI latest high-end technology products; take the glue dispensing technology to a higher level. Among them, there is a main fixture, placed at random LICO-SMARTEYE and LICO-PIEZO piezoelectric valve with the speed, precision, non-contact.


Automated Dispensing Robots

Desktop 3/4/5 axis platform
Various paths and parameters can be taught according to product requirements to make the production process more stable, increase production capacity, and reduce material waste and labor costs.
And customized services to meet a variety of needs and integration with other applications, such as lock screws, scissors feet.

3-Axis Automated Glue Dispensing Robot
4-Axis Automated Glue Dispensing Robot
5-Axis Automated Glue Dispensing Robot
Gantry Automated Glue
Dispensing Robot

A variety of automatic control components, such as pneumatic cylinders, jaws, vacuum nozzles, etc., can be added to meet different types of production requirements.

Conveyor belt integrated Automated Glue
Dispensing Robot

Industry suitable for all types of dispensing needs. Commonly used UV glue, Silicon, EPOXY, red plastic, silver plastic, A.B plastic, COB black plastic, conductive adhesive, heat-dissipating aluminum paste, instant glue, etc., can be used on the equipment.

High Quality Adhesives

According to customer needs, we can provide suitable glue and separate defoaming service.


We have a wealth of OEM experience to make the best customer needs

Dedicated Resin for art

The artistic materials that can let creators exert their heart's content. Blending a variety of colors and swaying to outline the lines of the gathering image. And combined with different materials to create a unique beauty

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LH-V05 Rotary Dispensing Mercury Quick Release

LH-V05 Dispensing Value
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  • The micro-screw dispensing valve is specially designed for high-viscosity or micro-particle-dispensing materials (above 50,000 cps). It can meet the high precision requirements for wire drawing or dot-punching applications, and the micro-liter dispensing control can be easily achieved.
  • With a dedicated controller, it has a reverse suckback function to reduce the drawing phenomenon during dispensing. Vacuum suction can avoid dripping when the machine is down
    The improved screw and bushing design is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning and maintenance. Significantly reduces machine downtime.
  • Suitable for soft or hard particles such as solder paste, silver paste and COB vinyl. Screws and bushings with super-hard materials are also available to reduce wear.
  • Reducing the glue residue space in the valve reduces glue loss and reduces the chance of bubble residue.
  • The amount of glue spit is affected by the viscosity change and the needle plugging between the needle pressure dispensing and the plunger pump. It is a half-discharge type and can control the micro-dispense.

Principle of operation

  • The screw type micro-dispensing valve uses a screw to rotate the sleeve to push the glue. When the viscosity of the rubber material is higher, the frictional resistance between the screw and the screw sleeve is higher, and the rubbering thrust generated at this time is also higher.
  • The more the number of screw threads, the higher the pressure at which the glue is obtained by gradually pressurizing each screw. The material with high viscosity is not easy to use. The screw type valve uses 3-5 times larger than the air pressure.
  • The deeper the depth of the thread of the screw thread means that the amount of glue contained in each tooth is also increased, so the amount of glue that can be brought out by each rotation of the screw should be increased. However, the frictional shear stress between the rubber material and the screw and the bushing is also reduced, so that the final dispensing pressure is also reduced.
  • The screw type micro-dispensing valve gradually pressurizes the glue when the screw is rotated, so the glue supply pressure of the syringe only needs to press the rubber material into the screw and the sleeve.
  • When the screw rotates and the glue is gradually pressurized, if the bubble contains air bubbles, the air will be compressed by pressure.
  • Therefore, the air will collect due to the compression and will be concentrated toward the lower pressure inlet end. The air that cannot be collected toward the inlet end is eventually crushed by the rubber material due to the agitation of the screw. Therefore, the screw type dispensing valve does not break due to air bubbles when the cable is pulled out, and the rubber material is more uniformly mixed by the agitation of the screw.
  • When the direction of the electrode is switched to reverse the motor, the screw reverses pulling the glue back.
  • The pressure in the needle is released so that the glue does not emerge from the needle tube when the valve stops to be dispensed, and the early breakage reduces the drawing phenomenon.
Models LH-V05
Standard CE Approved
Control E-pneumatic
Operating frequency Exceeds 1200 cycles/min
Fluid Inlet 1/8” NPT
Maximum Fluid Pressure Max 0.21psi (30bar)
Viscosity 50,000-1,000,000Cps
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